Hand Tools for Working Wood
Essential hand tools for working wood.

Are you a woodworker? Then this article will be useful to you. This article is about the various types of hand tools for working wood. There are several types of tools used in woodworking. These tools can be broadly classified as either hand tools or power tools. Hand tools are desirable to the woodworking craftsperson. Generally woodworking hand tools are less expensive than power tools and can be quite efficient when used by a skilled woodworker.

9 Essential Hand Tools for Working Wood

There are many types of essential hand tools for working wood on the market and these tools have specialized functions and features. This article has more information on beginners woodworking tools and supplies. A list of the common woodworking tools and their features include:

1. Chisel

An important tool that should be in every workshop is the chisel. A chisel is one of the essential hand tools for working wood and for carving wood. In addition, a chisel can be used by woodworkers to clean out joints, saw cuts, etc.

Chisels are made of strong and durable carbon alloy with a wooden or synthetic handle attached. The handle ensures a good grip of the chisel. Chisels have a sharp, flat edge that is used for carving or eliminating unwanted debris. Chisels can be pushed by hand or a hammer can be used on the handle.

2. Hammer

The claw hammer is a basic tool used in almost all households. The claw hammer consists of a claw at one end for prying and removing nails and a flat, waffle-headed striking surface. The waffle-head prevents slippage when hammering nails or striking a chisel handle.

Traditional hammers are designed with wooden handles, but many modern hammers have synthetic handles with high grip functions.

3. Utility Knife

A good utility knife is another requirement for a woodworker. There are many kinds of a utility knives. Among these, the disposable blade utility knife is very common. The utility knife is used for cleaning out joints; cutting thin, soft wood; etc.

4. Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is used to measure the moisture content of wood. Live wood is moist when it is harvested and needs to be dried before use. For woodworking, the moisture content of the wood should be low. So, a moisture meter is essential to measure the moisture content of your wood. A low moisture level will ensure effective carving.

5. Screwdriver

Woodworkers require screwdrivers to drive and remove screws from wood. There are many sizes and varieties of screwdrivers on the market. One should choose the best one based on the type of the screw. The user should be careful while buying screwdrivers because screwdrivers made of soft metal are useless. Metals used in the screwdrivers should be strong and durable.

6. Level

This tool is made up of wood with brass edges and bubble reading. The bubble reading determines the level of the wood carved. There are two lines marked in the levels, if the bubble resides exactly in-between the two lines, then the level is marked correct by the user.

7. Tape Measure

A tape measure is another of the essential woodworking hand tools. Tape measures are used in households, building construction, woodworking, etc. In woodworking, a tape measure is used to determine the length and width of wood used. The tape measure most commonly used by woodworkers is 25 inches long and made of steel. Most are self-retractable.

8. Block Plane

The block plane is used to smooth down wood. It can be used for leveling the uneven wood and also for making flat or rounded edges. Any irregularities in the wood can be easily removed with the block plane. It can also be used to make the edges as sharp as possible. Before using the block plane, check whether the blade is sharp. If it isn’t, it will give inefficient results. The grip offered by the block plane should be higher so that, it can be used efficiently.

9. Hand Saw

The next important hand tool for working wood is the hand saw. It’s used for cutting wood into desired shapes and sizes. The hand saw consists of a high-quality sharp blade with a wooden or plastic handle.

Safety Gear for Woodworkers

Safety precautions should be followed while working with wood and using both hand tools for working wood and power tools. Here is some essential safety gear for woodworkers:


Safety goggles are essential while working with wood. They cover the eyes and prevent sawdust and wood shavings from getting in your eyes.


Gloves should be worn while working with wood to prevent splinters or cuts and scrapes on the hands. Always buy high-quality, durable gloves.


Don’t go barefoot while in your workshop because wood shavings can harm your feet. You are also vulnerable to dropping heavy wood or tools on your feet. Wear proper footwear to protect your feet while you work with wood.

These are the various hand tools and safety measures used in wood works. If you feel this article is useful share it with your friends as it will benefit them.


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