Free woodworking plan: birdhouse for bluebirds

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Free Woodworking Plan Birdhouse

This birdhouse is great for bluebirds or other small species. Mount it 4′ to 6′ off the ground for bluebirds. Mount it higher 10′ to 15′ for other species.

This simple woodworking project doesn’t take much time and can be made from a single 5′ long board.

Instructions for Making the Bluebird Birdhouse

Step 1: Cut The Pieces

Cut all the pieces from a single 1×6 board 5 feet long as shown in figure 1.

Free woodworking project: bluebird birdhouse figure 1
Figure 1

Step 2: Dry Fit the Pieces

Fit all the pieces together as shown in figure 2.

Free woodworking project: bluebird birdhouse figure 2
Figure 2

The hold-down strip for the roof can be replaced by a dowel. Also, the roof can be mounted on a hinge for easy clean out.

The front edges of the sides are 1/4″ shorter than the front of the box. The resulting gaps provide ventilation for the birdhouse.

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces and Finish

Glue and clamp all the pieces together. Small nails or screws may be used if desired.

Painting is not necessary, but if you choose to paint the project, gray or tan is preferred for attraction of the bluebirds. Make sure any finish you use is non-toxic so it will not affect the wildlife that uses the birdhouse.

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