Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners

These 5 woodworking plans for beginners will help you get started with the craft.

5. Wooden iPad Stand from Instructables

Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Wooden iPad Rack.

This wooden iPad stand is number 5 on our list of easy woodworking plans for beginners. You can find the 5-step instructions for making this iPad stand here. The instructions for this wood iPad stand call for a table saw, but this project is just as easy if you have a miter box and a chisel.

Here’s another site you’ll want to check out if you’re looking for both easy woodworking projects and more complex plans to grow your skills.

Are you new to woodworking?

Maybe you haven’t decided if woodworking is the right hobby for you…

See this article if you need woodworking tips for beginners.

You need easy woodworking plans for beginners that will give you confidence. This article will show you a few simple diy woodworking projects for beginners that you can complete by yourself or with the help of a loved one.

These look great when finished with some stain or polyurethane.

And, you know what the best part is?

You can sell these for a tidy profit!

4. Wood Plank Wine Rack from Camille Styles

Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Wood Wine Rack.

Here’s another really easy woodworking project that you can complete in a few hours. You can get the plans here.

If you don’t have a drill press, you can buy or make a woodworking jig to help you drill the holes for this wine rack.

This wine rack will look great in your home and anyone would love to have one as a gift.

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3. Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Boxes from Instructables

Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Easy Wooden Boxes.

These cute little boxes will further hone your woodworking skills by teaching you some simple joint styles and testing your gluing skills. These easy woodworking plans can be found here.

These will look awesome when they’re stained and sealed. Give these to your loved ones or sell them at a flea market. Who wouldn’t want one?

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2. Wood Sofa Sleeve from A Beautiful Mess

Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Wood Sofa Sleeve.

Wow! Why didn’t we think of this?

Awesome idea to save space in your home. Find the directions for this project here.

This is a really great project for practicing your skills with a Kreg jig and with a jig saw. Looks really nice when it’s finished and will eliminate your need for an end table. You can make these to order for the specific size of someone’s chair arm.

This site has many more plans to choose from.

1. Birdhouse from Skip to My Lou

Easy Woodworking Plans for Beginners: Wooden Birdhouse.

This cute birdhouse is number 1 on our list of easy woodworking plans for beginners. Learn how to build this project on Skip to My Lou.

This is a nice little project you can build with your children, or do it yourself if you’re just starting out as a woodworker.

It’s a great confidence builder and it will look really nice in your yard.

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